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The digitalised shopping cart is coming

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Digitized shopping cart
Unlocking with a smartphone: Digitized shopping cart. © Wanzl

The annoying search for coins to unlock the shopping trolleys will soon be a thing of the past. An app on the ever-present smart phone can do the job and offer retailers many additional benefits.

Coins and notes are becoming less and less significant in everyday life as payments are made by card or smartphone. This will also impact shopping at brick-and-mortar stores. One question is - how will customers unlock their shopping carts in the future? Wanzl, a specialist for retail systems and shop solutions and JustTec, a company developing digital locking and tracking systems based in Grünwald gave the answer at EuroShop 2020. Together they presented the first digital deposit lock for shopping trolleys.

How the system works is extremely simple. All you need is a smartphone, the JustTec app and a shopping trolley fitted with a JustTec lock. To unlock, customers need only hold their mobile phone over the lock and it will connect via a BLE, then tap the "unlock" button in the app, the lock will open and the shopping experience can begin.

Loyalty and bonus campaigns included

It is a system that offers benefits to both consumers and retailers alike. "From a customer perspective, the unlocking is faster and easier, they don’t have to search for the right coins or deposit chips and it doesn’t matter if they don’t have any of these at hand," explains Thomas Popp of JustTec. 

Jürgen Frank, Business Unit Manager Shop Solutions at Wanzl, adds: "Retailers benefit from more security and greater customer loyalty. On the one side, personal registration via smartphone and app effectively prevents theft, since the consumer is known. On the other side, it enables the integration of loyalty or bonus campaigns. For example, retailers can offer their customers a thank you voucher for their next shop via the app, when the shopping cart is returned in the normal way.

Much user-friendlier and optimistic outlook

Wanzl and JustTec now want to launch the innovative shopping trolley lock together. "The overwhelmingly positive reaction and the great interest shown by both national and international visitors at EuroShop make us very optimistic. They were particularly impressed by the high level of user-friendliness and that is why, over the next few months, we will run trials at various test customer with our shopping trolleys, fitted with JustTec's digital  locks," says Jürgen Frank reporting on the next steps.


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