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Swiss organic sales up in 2020

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Residents of Switzerland bought more than 3.8 billion francs (3.4 billion euros) worth of organic food in 2020. This represents an increase of 600 million francs compared to 2019.

Per capita, consumers in Switzerland thus bought organic food for 445 francs (402 euros) last year. The market share of organic rose from 10.3 percent in 2019 to 10.8 percent, as Bio Suisse association announced at its annual media conference last week.

Accordingly, as in previous years, the most popular products were eggs with a market share of 28.9 percent, bread (26.2 percent) and vegetables (23.9 percent). Lockdown and home office changed consumption habits, according to Bio Suisse.

As of this year, 7,450 farms operate according to the Bio Suisse standards. That is 93 percent of all organic farms in Switzerland, which together cultivate 172,090 hectares of agricultural land, an increase of 2,730 hectares. Across Switzerland, 16.1 percent of farms carry the Bio Suisse Bud, according to Bio Suisse.

Sales in direct marketing increased by 30 percent in 2020. However, organic has so far played a very small role in the food service industry. This is to change. Bio Suisse is focusing on the 3,500 establishments in community catering, where the organic share is to be increased. 


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