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Natrue introduces new criteria

by Daniela Nickel (comments: 0)

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At the turn of the year, the Natural Cosmetics Association updates the criteria for its natural and organic cosmetics seal. These are the changes of the new version 3.9.

From January 1, 2021, the Natural Cosmetics Association Natrue will update the criteria for its Natural and Organic Cosmetics label. According to the company, "manufacturers now have the opportunity to work on new and innovative natural and organic cosmetics without having to go beyond the strict requirements of the label. The top priority remains to ensure maximum natural and organic content for each certified product among all product categories and to promote sustainable formulations.”

Standardization of the certification levels

From January, Natrue will have only two levels of certification: "natural" and "organic". Until now, products could also be certified with a third level, "natural cosmetics with organic portion". Products in this category will remain on the market as "natural cosmetics with organic content", but at the end of the two-year certification period they must be reformulated so that they correspond either to the "natural cosmetics" category or to the "organic cosmetics" level.

"Organic Cosmetics" remains unchanged and will continue to be awarded only to products that contain at least 95 percent natural substances of plant or animal origin, from controlled organic cultivation or from wild growth. The category in which a product is certified can be viewed via the database on the Natrue website.

Criteria for the use of palm oil

Natural or near-natural raw materials from palm oil and palm kernel oil must originate from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) or other certified sustainable supply chains from January 2021. Ingredients that are not available through the RSPO or other certified sustainable supply chains (minimum MB) are only allowed if the Natrue standard provides an alternative with minimum MB.

Use of ingredients

For raw materials, a distinction will in future only be made between "certified" and "approved". By the end of 2022, all raw materials used in Natrue-certified products must be certified or recognized by the company. End products that already bear the label must be reformulated by January 31, 2024, so that only ingredients with the Natrue label are used. Alternatively, manufacturers can let materials already in use be recognized or have them certified.

More transparency for consumers

Products must be clearly marked. This applies both to the article itself and to the information on the packaging. Communication about the natural and biological properties of a product must also be coordinated and clear so that consumers are not misled.

Natrue is an international, non-profit association for natural and organic cosmetics with headquarters in Brussels, founded in 2007. The aim of the association is to promote and protect natural and organic cosmetics for the well-being of consumers worldwide and to create awareness of natural cosmetics. According to the association, more than 7,000 products from more than 300 brands are currently Natrue-certified.


Natrue’s Standard Version 3.9 is already available for download here.


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