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Japan: organic supermarket "Bio c’bon" has opened in Tokyo

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by Mimi Kuhlmann, ABC Enterprises, Global Organic Network, Tokyo

Bio c`Bon´s  first branch in Tokyo

Picture: Bio c`Bon´s  first branch in Tokyo. Photo ABC Enterprises/ GON.

On a space of approximately 420 m² in total, fresh foods such as fruit, vegetables and meat, mainly domestic organic JAS certified agricultural products, processed foods and beverages, such as wine and cheese, seasonings and confectionery as well as natural/organic non-food products, among them body care, cosmetics and supplies for babies and children are offered. More than 1,000 organic certified products of the market include daily products such as detergents. The total number of items in the shop is 3000 to 4000, which is a wide selection for this kind of supermarket.

Furthermore, the supermarket provides an information counter at the entrance of the vegetable section, where recommended sets and herbs (or other products) can be bought. Moreover, competent staff is available to answer the customers’ questions. Japanese housewives -- who usually buy small quantities – can weigh their products on scales showing respective prices per 100 g.

Vegetables in prepared paper bags for the customers

Picture: Seasonal vegetable sets  are offered in prepared bags – a popular item for the shop’s customers. Photo ABC Enterprises/ GON.

Rich variety of fresh produce

The characteristics of the vegetable section of Bio c’Bon are rich in variety. Many types of radish, and rare vegetables not ususally sold by the nearby supermarket are on offer. According to the supervisor of the shop, the shop offers about 200 kinds of vegetables, 90% of them being organic JAS certified.

Asking why 10% is not an organic JAS means asking a mean question as these 10% are still a product of a small farm or because, due to having too many varieties on offer, it is not possible to get a certification each time. However, it seems to have been confirmed, that the products are produced by organic agriculture.

Special salads from local farming

Picture: recommended vegetables came from the nearby Shibami Farm. Special salads like the rare purple Chinese cabbage, that is highly recommended as crudités and various vegetables. Photo ABC Enterprises/ GON.

Restaurant area to meet and eat

Behind the vegetables counter, there is a large table to meet and eat.  Freshly prepared sandwiches or box lunches prepared in the kitchen of the deli corner are available for the customers. There is also a corner with processed rice with Japanese atmosphere. Marine products, livestock products and dairy products with the eco-label MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and quality meat from livestock, raised on the principles of animal welfare.

Deli counter for restaurant and take away

Picture: Deli counter for restaurant and take away. Photo ABC Enterprises/ GON.

Other counters and products

Imported and processed food like miso, soy sauce, noodles and much more is available as traditional Japanese food is gaining popularity abroa. But as well Japanese people, especially the younger generation eats more foreign dishes and imported food, too.

Besides food bio C`Bon offer also a wider range of daily necessities for body care, baby- & childcare products, detergents, convenience goods such as sanitary napkins, and natural & organic cosmetics. Furthermore, costomers can buy cosmetics that are popular in France, various brands for affordable prices. in addition, other domestic and imported products with samples and usage instructions are on offer.

Natural cosmetics and detergents

Picture: Natural cosmetics and detergent. Photo ABC Enterprises/ GON.

Next door to Bio c’Bon, Japan 's third outlet of Picard (a French frozen food specialty shop) is located. It is also owned and managed by AEON. Picard, based on the concept of "365 days, a dining table full of taste anytime for anyone", offers some organic products, too.

Another French firm next to Bio C´Bon.

Picture: Picard is another French firm next to Bio C´Bon. Photo ABC Enterprises/ GON.

Bio c’Bon: 1st store in Azabu Juban Minato - ku, Tokyo  
Opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00 h




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