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EU starts Organic Farming Action Plan and involves citizens

by Leo Frühschütz (comments: 0)

The front view of the European Commission © Sergio Delle Vedove / shutterstock
Symbol picture © Sergio Delle Vedove / shutterstock

The EU Commission is starting to work on its promised Action Plan on Organic Agriculture with a public consultation. Until the end of November EU citizens are allowed to express their ideas.

As part of its Green Deal, the EU Commission has set the goal of increasing the proportion of organically farmed land in the EU to 25 percent by 2030; currently it is eight percent. With an action plan it wants to support the member states in increasing both organic farming and the demand for organic food. In addition, the " role of organic production in the fight against climate change, including sustainable resource management and the protection of biodiversity" is to be strengthened, according to the Commission's announcement.

As a first step, the Commission's consultation seeks to gather feedback from national authorities, stakeholders and EU citizens on how they envisage such a plan. The plan is to be adopted at the beginning of 2021, and the Commission mentions in concrete terms that it intends to " allocate a specific budget of €40 million to organic farming under the promotion policy”. The money will be used to provide information about the EU organic sector and to boost sales. The "future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will continue to support the further development of organic farming in the EU", the Commission writes.

"A new European ecological action plan is important to bring Europe further on the organic path", said Bioland President Jan Plagge. Organic could become the cornerstone of the European food system if all instruments were used.


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