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"Crickets are considered a starter insect"

by Gudrun Ambros (comments: 0)

Florian Berendt
Together with food technologist Melanie Christians, Florian Berendt founded the insect products company Entosus in 2020. © Private

Why do you breed crickets?

We see it as a sustainable and climate-friendly alternative to conventional factory farming. Insect farming causes one hundredth of the greenhouse gas emissions compared to cattle farming. Crickets are considered a starter insect. Without their legs, they look a bit like crabs - which increases their acceptance. They also yield 70 per cent protein when dried. They grow faster than mealworms, but require more work.

What do crickets eat?

We feed them with leftover fruit and vegetables from organic supermarkets, reserve samples, grain and bran from an organic mill and old baked goods. In addition, there are 40 per cent organic peas, field beans, rapeseed cakes and a vitamin mix.

You say sales are going well. But there is a certain inhibition when it comes to eating insects ...

You have to go out and convince people how normal it tastes. Of course, tasting in organic shops is still difficult because of Covid. But it already works at trade fairs. It's nice to watch: first the tension, because it takes some effort, and then the surprise. Our crickets are crispy and crunchy, taste umami and nutty. The advantage of Covid is that people think more about food and are more open. Word gets around that you can eat insects. At some point it becomes normal.



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