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Biofach takes stock: 50 percent international participants

by Katrin Muhl (comments: 0)

Biofach eSpecial
The digital version of Biofach and Vivaness was followed by 13,800 registered participants from February 17 to 19. © Nuernberg Messe

Exhibitors who promoted their products and services with a virtual stand at Biofach and Vivaness E-Special have been eagerly awaiting figures since the end of the trade fair on February 19. From the evaluation, they hope to find out how many participants actually noticed their own stand. After all, 1,442 exhibitors from 82 countries were vying for their attention.

When exhibitors can expect their own respective visitor numbers, therefore already wanted to know in the interview in March from Danila Brunner, Head of Biofach and Vivaness, and Petra Wolf, Member of the Management Board of Messe Nürnberg. Brunner asked for patience, and first held out the prospect of a review of the Biofach and Vivaness E-Special, which has now been published. It also answers the question of how many participants from the individual industry segments attended the especial. ]At the time of the interview, the relevant data was not yet available, according to Brunner.

2760 participants from the retail sector

According to the review, which Biofach has published on its website, 50 percent of the approximately 13,800 registered participants came from Germany. 20 percent worked in retail, that’s about 2760 people, it said. 21 percent work for manufacturers, one in four for a wholesaler and in import and export.

13.800 registered participants

Economic sectors

  • Wholesale / Import & Export: 25 %, approx. 3450 persons
  • Manufacturer: 21 %, approx. 2898 persons
  • Retail trade: 20 %, approx. 2760 persons
  • Service: 15 %, approx. 2070 persons
  • Others: 13 %, approx. 1794 persons
  • Agriculture and aqua industry: 6 %, approx. 828 persons

Occupational status

  • self-employed, co-owner, freelance: 25 %
  • Division, plant, branch, office managers: 10 %


  • from 136 countries
  • 50 % from Germany
  • 50 % international, top 5: Italy, Austria, Netherlands, France, Switzerland

Source: Nuernberg Messe

Wolf and Brunner said in the BioHandel interview that 70 percent of the participants had been able to achieve their goals and had drawn a positive balance.

According to Biofach organizers, 71 percent of registered participants were satisfied with the event "all in all" and 75 percent would likely participate again in a format like the E-Special. For 82 percent, the interaction opportunities were satisfactory. Overall, participants sent more than 400,000 chat messages and launched more than 10,000 video meetings, he said. 775 sessions were offered, spread across congress, exhibitor presentations and roundtables.

As the survey shows, every second registered participant is said to have attended the congress. The session "The German organic market - facts, figures, analysis 2021" was particularly popular. More than 700 people watched it, according to Biofach. The data comes from the survey of participants and data from the digital platform of the e-special.

Satisfaction of the participants

  • Concept: 78 %
  • Interaction possibilities: 82 %
  • Possibility to edit the participant profile: 85 %.
  • Congress speakers: 98 %
  • Congress topics: 95
  • Focus topic congress "Shaping Transformation. Stronger. Together": 93 %
  • Expectations were met: 68
  • Would probably participate again in a format like the E-Special: 75%.
  • All in all, satisfied with the E-Special: 71 %

Source: Nuernberg Messe

In contrast to the balance of the presence fair last year, the E-Special review does not differentiate between trade buyers and exhibitors. In 2020, Biofach / Vivaness reported 3,792 exhibitors from 110 countries and over 47,000 trade buyers from 136 countries. The congress was attended by nearly 10,000 participants. In the interview with, Petra Wolf, member of the management of Messe Nürnberg, pointed out that it is not possible to compare face-to-face events and digital platforms, "and so neither is this data." The reasons why potential participants are enthusiastic about a digital format or not are manifold.

It remains to be seen when exhibitors can expect their own stand figures. In March, Brunner said, "the respective exhibitors will of course receive the corresponding evaluations as soon as possible". One exhibitor told the magazine BioHandel for that he expects his figures after consultation with Biofach / Vivaness towards the end of the month. So at least for him, the wait could soon be over.


Editor's note: Biofach announced on April 22:

"We are pleased to announce that in the meantime we have been able to publish the review with the evaluations of the Biofach / Vivaness E-SPECIAL on our websites, giving all participants a good impression of this year's edition of the E-Special. In addition, all exhibitors have the opportunity to download their personal lead lists via the profile on the platform (this concerns the contact details of participants with whom there was contact on the platform, e.g. via chat). In addition, exhibitors receive individual lists on the participants of the roundtables. Visitor numbers on the individual company profiles are not included in the evaluation."


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