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Biofach in July – Pros and Cons of the postponement

by Katrin Muhl (comments: 0)

Warm clothing was necessary for the usual Biofach date in February. This year, for the first time, that will be different. © Nürnberg Messe / Thomas Geiger

Before the decision for the summer date was made, exhibitors could give their opinion. spoke to Biofach Director Danila Brunner about their arguments for and against the new date.

Actually, they would already be in the middle of preparations. Instead, companies that have registered as exhibitors for this year's Biofach and Vivaness trade fair duo have to reschedule. This is because the organisers of the world's leading trade fair for organic food and natural cosmetics have postponed the industry get-together from 15 to 18 February to 26 to 29 July at short notice.

From the end of December until 12 January, exhibitors could vote on whether or not they approved of the postponement. The majority gave the green light, Biofach announced last week. "There were a variety of different reasons that spoke for or against the postponement from the respective company perspective," says Danila Brunner, Director Exhibitions Biofach / Vivaness.

According to Brunner, those in favour of the postponement gave the Corona pandemic as the main reason in personal conversations, as well as the associated planning uncertainties with regard to a presence fair in February. Among those who were initially sceptical about the July date, market-specific reasons played a role. As examples, Brunner mentions "harvest times or the availability of certain products due to seasonal factors". But holiday periods also contributed to the fact that individual exhibitors did not promptly agree to the July date.

What they all have in common is "the great demand for their industry get-together," says Brunner.


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