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France: Trends and tendencies in the organic specialist trade

Europe France

13.11.2018 Kai Kreuzer

In 2017, France generated organic sales of around 8.3 bn euros. However, as conventional retailers are pushing their organic growth, the specialist trade is being threatened. But new trends also create new opportunities.

Natexpo 2018: Successful kick-off in Lyon

Europe France

03.10.2018 Kai Kreuzer

Around 10,000 professionals from the organic sector came to visit the Natexpo 2018. The French organic trade show was held in Lyon for the first time.

Alnatura now at Supermarchés Match in France

Europe France

24.08.2018 Editor

Alnatura products are now also available in France. According to the company, over 400 Alnatura brand articles are listed in around 30 stores of the supermarket and supermarket chain Supermarchés Match.

France: Carrefour´s seed inititative „Forbidden Market“ successful

Europe France

04.07.2018 Editor

Ninety per cent of the planet’s cultivable varieties have already died out in the 20th century, says FAO. The French retailer Carrefour joined producers in their fight to make fruit and vegetables grown from farmers' seeds available to consumers.

France: Record organic area and turnover

Europe France

28.03.2018 Editor

With an increase of 15% over the previous year, France's organic land area grew to 1.77 million hectares. Sales rose to 8 billion euros. This is recently estimated by the organisation Agence Bio.

Natexpo Lyon: 600 exhibitors and special spaces

Europe France

23.03.2018 Editor

The next edition of the French organic trade fair Natexpo will be held on 23 and 24 September 2018 in Lyon. The show for organic professionals now takes place annually, to provide the keys to success in a booming economic sector.

France: ambitious goals for the public sector

Europe France

26.02.2018 Editor

According to the media France wanted to make half of all food in public sector organic or local by 2022. The government has announced that at least half of all food bought by the public sector must be organic or locally produced.


Natexpo expands to Lyon

Europe France

09.02.2018 Editor

The natural and organic trade fair Natexpo decided to take place every year. This September the event will start in Lyon, France. Professionals are invited to come together on an annual basis from now on.

Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit: Key Industry Concerns

Europe France

26.12.2017 Editor

Some of the pressing sustainability issues facing the cleaning products industry were discussed at the 4th edition of the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit, hosted in Paris last month.

Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Europe: Major Outcomes

Europe France

12.12.2017 Editor

About 140 senior executives from the beauty industry convened in Paris for the European edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit last month. Discussions over the three days centered on green formulations, sustainable sourcing, social impacts, and sustainable fragrances.

France: first Auchanbio store opened near Lille

Europe France

20.11.2017 Editor

On the 8th of November 2017, the first Auchanbio store opened in Lille, Northern France. The new organic retail store of the company Auchan Retail France offers 4,200 organic products on a sales area of 450 sqm.

Continuing success of international natural cosmetics markets

Europe France


Not only in Germany but on the international stage too the trend in the natural and organic cosmetics industry continues to be very positive development. In the leading market in Europe, the German market, demand shows no sign of slowing. According to Naturkosmetik Verlag, about nine million consumers buy natural cosmetics several times a year and their purchasing behaviour caused turnover in the first half of this year to grow by around two percent.  The “Green & Clean” trend is to be seen everywhere in neighbouring countries with robust market development and also internationally. However, manufacturers and the trade are having to confront a number of challenges.

(Photo: Karin Heinze)

France: obstacles for the growth of organic food sales

Europe France

16.10.2017 Editor

According to a report by EURACTIV, more consumers are getting aware of pesticides’ risks for health as well as the environment and decide to eat organic food. So, the supermarkets’ organic food sales are increasing. Since 2007, sales of organic have multiplied by 3.5 and reached 7.15bn Euro in 2016. Further, with making up 42% of all sales during last year, supermarkets are the greatest retailers of organic food.

Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit: Future Outlook for Bio-Based Surfactants

Europe France

27.09.2017 Editor

For the second year Ecovia organizes the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit in Paris. On 8-9th November the summit invites stake-holders in the cleaning products industry including manufacturers, ingredient companies, packaging companies distributors, retailers as well as industry organisations, researchers and consultants.

France: Natexpo shows latest trends for for organic retailers

Europe France

07.08.2017 Editor

For the first time, the French trade fair for ecogical and organic products, NATEXPO, is shining a spotlight on the latest developments dedicated to specialist organic retailers. The trade show is taking place from October 22 - 24 in Paris.

Brazil: Natura acquires The Body Shop

Europe France

01.08.2017 Editor

Brazil´s biggest company for phyto and natural cosmetics Natura Cosmeticos is acquiring the British cosmetics cpmpany The Body Shop owned by L´Oréal for 1 bilion Euro.


France: Naturalia opens vegan stores

Europe France

25.07.2017 Editor

The French organic chain Naturalia, a company belonging  to the Monoprix corporation, has opened three small outlets with  a range of around 2000 vegan products.

France: new Minister for Organic Conversion

Europe France

07.06.2017 Editor

The minister responsible for agriculture in the cabinet of new French President, Emmanuel Macron, is on the side of organic. Macron appointed Jacques Mezard as Minister of Agriculture, a man committed to the environment and an opponent of genetic engineering. Nicolas Hulot will be the Minister for Organic Conversion.

France: Senate adopts resolution to ban non-agricultural use of pesticides

Europe France

07.06.2017 Editor

The French Senate has adopted the European resolution to ban non-agricultural pesticides across Europe. Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Europe and Générations Futures welcomed the resolution. 

France: organic retail continues to expand

Europe France

06.06.2017 Kai Kreuzer

As last year, France is excelling with high growth rates in the organic sector. In terms of both land area and turnover, the increase is impressive. The expansion of the specialist wholefood trade in France continues unabated. In the first four months of 2017 (middle of December 2016 to middle of April 2017)  61 specialist organic stores and organic supermarkets were opened. The average retail area measured 335 m². Total turnover of the organic industry, including catering, is around 7 billion euros.

France: NATEXPO trade show will reflect the booming market

Europe France

06.06.2017 Editor

Organic products have never been so popular in France. This will be reflected at the international trade show NATEXPO on
22-24 October 2017. All of the sectors of the organic market will gather in Paris Nord Villepinte.

Bioland and FNAB strengthen cooperation

Europe France

27.04.2017 Editor

Bioland and the French organic growers association FNAB are seeking closer collaboration.

France: celebrities test positive for glyphosate

Europe France

26.04.2017 Editor

After the urine of 30 people in France was tested  for residues of glyphosate, the most used active agent in herbicides worldwide, every sample was shown to contain the molecule.

France: Milestone in the protection of human rights

Europe France

17.04.2017 Editor

France has passed a widely welcomed law on corporate responsibility regarding human rights. There are calls for an equivalent law in Germany.

Japan: organic supermarket "Bio c’bon" has opened in Tokyo

Europe France

21.03.2017 Editor

"Bio c'Bon" is an organic supermarket from France. The first store in central Tokyo opened on the 8th of December. The shop offers fresh foods such as fruit vegetables and meat, mainly domestic organic JAS certified agricultural products, processed foods and beverages, such as wine and cheese, seasonings and confectionery as well as natural/organic non-food products, among them body care, cosmetics and supplies for babies and children are offered. The French chain plans to expand in Japan.

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