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Organic by Design

Awards Awards

22.07.2008 Redaktion
Organic by Design: UK fashion graduates embrace eco-fashion

Success for BiodiVino in Italy

Awards Awards

23.06.2008 Redaktion
Prizes for the best of 300 organic wines

One World Award

Awards Awards

18.06.2008 Redaktion
First One World Award will be handed out at the IFOAM World Convention

Biol Prize at the Ifoam Congress

Awards Awards

17.06.2008 Redaktion

International awards for extra-virgin organic olive oil

Top UK companies named „Good Eggs“

Awards Awards

11.05.2008 Redaktion
62 % of British hens remain in battery cages

KAITE wins price of Social Entrepreneurship Competition

Awards Awards

17.03.2008 Redaktion

KAITE wins the Grand Prize of the Social Entrepreneurship Competition

Italy: Winners of Biocaseus

Awards Awards

29.02.2008 Redaktion

International competition for organic cheeses

Organic "Wild Cucumber" awarded

Awards Awards

18.02.2008 Redaktion

Organic “Wild Cucumber” second place at Fruit Logistica 08

BioFach 2008: Olive oil awards

Awards Awards

20.01.2008 Redaktion

First organic olive oil award chosen by visitors

Award for organic horse livery in the UK

Awards Awards

28.12.2007 Redaktion
Stone Circle Livery has received a leading green award

IFOAM: Patron of One World Award

Awards Awards

27.12.2007 Redaktion
IFOAM becomes patron of the One World Award

The Right Livelihood Awards 2007

Awards Awards

07.12.2007 Redaktion
The award ceremony will be held on December 7, 2007

Newcastle nursery named the best in the UK

Awards Awards

05.12.2007 Redaktion
First Nursery Food Award in the country

Argand´or received TASTE 07 award

Awards Awards

17.11.2007 Redaktion
Argand'or Argan Oil presented with TASTE 07 award at Anuga

Eosta wins award

Awards Awards

14.11.2007 Redaktion
Eosta wins the “Riverford Organic Vegetables Service Award”

Organic Industry Awards

Awards Awards

31.05.2007 Redaktion
Excellence and pioneering spirit were rewarded

Calon Wen receives Soil Association certification

Awards Awards

13.02.2007 Redaktion
First dairy company in the UK to be awarded the Soil Association Ethical Trade Organic Standards Certification

Bio Suisse grants first sponsorship award

Awards Awards

29.01.2007 Redaktion
To conclude their 25th anniversery, Bio Suisse has launched an annual award.

Soil Association School Food Awards

Awards Awards

30.11.2006 Redaktion
Jamie Oliver congratulated winners of the 2006 awards

Czech organic product of the year

Awards Awards

08.11.2006 Redaktion
Curdled milk product wins title „Czech organic product of the year“

Scottish Food & Drink Excellence Award 2006

Awards Awards

25.05.2006 Redaktion

Scottish Food & Drink Excellence Award 2006 goes to Johnson Seafarms, Shetland (Scotland).

Weikfield wins Superior Taste Award 2006

Awards Awards

11.05.2006 Redaktion

Organic Golden Mango Tea has been granted by ITQI for excellent quality.

Golden Salima Award and six Trends Awards for organic products

Awards Awards

16.03.2006 Redaktion
The results of the competition for the best products were ceremonially announced at a Gala evening at the food fair Salima in Brno, in the Czech Republic on Tuesday, March 7. 2006.
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